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It is important to realize that there are federal regulations in place that limit the amount of time truck drivers are to spend behind the wheel. These laws, called “hours of service” hours forbid drivers from exceeding:

  • 11 or more hours in a consecutive 14-hour period following 10 consecutive off-duty hours
  • More than 14 hours of driving in a 24-hour period
  • Logging more than 60 hours in a seven-day consecutive period
  • Logging more than 70 hours in an eight-day consecutive period

There is an obvious reason these regulations are put in place; driving while exhausted is extremely dangerous — even more so when the vehicle is large and is fully stocked. Unfortunately, drivers are paid by mileage, so there is a built-in incentive to drive through periods of exhaustion.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, it is important to determine whether or not fatigue played a role in the crash. With more than 30 years of personal injury experience, we are prepared to immediately investigate whether driver fatigue was involved.

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Because we have obtained tens of millions of dollars for clients in some of the state’s most serious and complex auto accident cases, there is no truck driver accident injury for which we are not prepared. We are ready and willing to take the approach that has helped our clients reach success to your case.

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