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Injured By A Drunk Driver? We Can Help.

Even though Arizona criminal law punishes drunk drivers for the harm they cause, you will often need to work with your own lawyer should you wish to recover compensation. You will need compensation to move forward with your life after being injured in a drunk driving accident. Fortunately, the skilled attorneys at Harris Powers & Cunningham are available to help you.

At Harris Powers & Cunningham, we represent the victims of drunk driving accidents with the goal of protecting their rights under Arizona law. Our experienced trial attorneys know how serious the consequences of a drunk driving accident can be. DUI accidents can involve injuries such as brain damage, spinal cord injury, severe burns and lost limbs. In taking effective legal action, we can help you begin to rebuild what has been lost from a DUI car accident.

Arizona Dram Shop Liability: The Basics

Under Arizona law, bars, restaurants and their employees are responsible for the damage caused when they serve alcohol to someone underage or someone who was already intoxicated, and this individual leaves the bar and injures an innocent party in a car accident.

Arizona law also holds social hosts responsible for the damage caused when they serve alcohol to minors. An example of a social host could be parents who allow teens to drink in their home. The law allows courts to require these businesses and people to pay damages to any person who was injured, or to the survivors of a person killed.

Sometimes, car accident victims do not initially know that their lawsuit can be against a bar as well as the driver. Our injury lawyers investigate all parts of the case. We will help you understand the full range of your options in personal injury and wrongful death claims.

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