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Phoenix Jet-Ski Injury Accident Lawyers

While use of personal watercrafts can be fun, it can also be dangerous. According to the most recent Arizona Game and Fish Department statistics, small personal watercraft, like Jet-Skis, were involved in 36 percent of accidents on Arizona lakes and waterways. Many of these accidents resulted in serious injury. For immediate assistance call 602-910-6779 or email us today.

Phoenix Personal Watercraft Injury Accident Attorneys

Our team of Phoenix jet-ski injury accident lawyers at Harris Powers & Cunningham use years of experience to help personal injury victims achieve the best possible results through legal action. Our experience has made us adept at analyzing Jet-Ski and personal watercraft injury cases, simplifying complex medical matters and aggressively pursuing legal remedies on behalf of our clients. Located in Phoenix, Arizona, we truly invest our time and resources in the cases we take on — investigating every fact and legal argument.

Jet-Ski and personal watercraft (PWC) injuries happen for many reasons, including operation by inexperienced, first-time drivers. Personal watercrafts are operated differently than other types of watercraft, so they may require special skill and experience to handle properly. And people tend to underestimate the responsibility associated with operating them, often going faster than is safe or operating personal watercrafts while intoxicated. At Harris Powers & Cunningham, we hold these negligent operators accountable through legal action.

Contacting a Jetski Injury Attorney

If you or a family member may have been the victim of a Jet-Ski operator’s negligence in Arizona, contact Harris Powers & Cunningham by contacting us online or call 602-910-6779 to schedule a free initial consultation.