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Helping Motorcycle Accident Victims Obtain Compensation For Their Injuries

Exploring the scenic beauty of Arizona on a motorcycle or just going about your daily commute can unfortunately be a dangerous proposition when you have to share the road with negligent drivers. If you have been seriously injured because of a motorcycle accident in Arizona, the attorneys at Harris Powers & Cunningham are available to help.

Why Do I Need An Attorney?

Handling motorcycle accident claims often requires specific skills, knowledge and experience, not to mention a deep understanding of the law. In addition, the dynamics of motorcycle accidents are often significantly different from those involving other types of automobile collisions.

Quite simply, you need a motorcycle accident lawyer who possesses the experience to understand your claim and the knowledge to know how to value your specific damages. At Harris Powers & Cunningham, our decades of experience with accidents and injuries of all kinds has made our attorneys uniquely prepared to handle motorcycle accidents in Phoenix and across the state of Arizona.

We can assist you in receiving compensation for your injuries, lost wages and all the other ramifications of the accident. We can also help you find the support and other resources that you, your friends or your family members need to deal with the potentially life-altering results of a serious injury.

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