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Whether related to the negligence of a private pool owner or the operators of a public pool, severe swimming pool injuries occur far too often. At Harris Powers & Cunningham, our lawyers understand the nature of these personal injuries. We represent people injured in both residential and public pool settings including spas, hot tubs, whirlpools and wading pools throughout Arizona. If you or a loved one has been seriously injured or killed in a swimming pool accident, call a Phoenix swimming pool accident attorney that will stand up for you and / or your loved ones rights; call 602-910-6779 or contact us online.

Drowning Accidents

Drowning is the leading cause of unintentional death for Arizona children age four and younger. For many parents who have lost children to drowning, the most difficult part is that the accident was entirely preventable. Simple protective measures, like fencing or a latched gate, could have prevented entry to the pool.

Many people who own private pools fail to take these steps to ensure pool safety. A drowning on their property can be directly attributable to their negligence. Many swimming owners fail to properly maintain their pools. Cloudy or murky water makes it impossible to properly supervise swimmers. And pool fences are often non-existent or ineffective, in violation of Arizona state law and ordinances.

Pool and Spa Entrapment Injuries

Many drowning deaths in the United States occur each year after a body part or limb becomes entrapped in a pool drain. In these accidents, the limb, hair or clothing item is held against the drain by the suction of the circulation pump.

Entrapment injuries can be attributed to inadequate, unfastened, broken or missing drain covers. Uncovered drains combine with pump configuration that allows a strong suction force to continue after the drain is blocked. The results can be severe, including wrongful death by drowning as well as evisceration and disembowelment.

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