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Signs Of A Spleen Injury

Injuries incurred in a motor vehicle accident or a serious fall injury often include broken bones, head injuries and ruptured disks. Such injuries may be immediately noticeable. Internal injuries such as a ruptured spleen, however, may be less obvious at first. A thorough physical examination by a doctor is an important step to take after a car crash or any accident involving blunt abdominal trauma.

The spleen is a small but vital organ. It helps the body fight infection. It produces new red blood cells and helps rid the body of old ones. An immediate consequence of a ruptured spleen is often profuse abdominal bleeding. As an injured person’s blood pressure drops, there may be symptoms of a ruptured spleen such as:

  • Blurred vision
  • Fainting
  • Signs of shock

If you are still conscious after a serious accident and are trying to diagnose your own injuries, Harris, Powers & Cunningham encourages you to see a doctor as soon as possible rather than trying to decide whether you should go to a hospital. A ruptured spleen may require surgery, and the sooner it is correctly diagnosed, the better off you can be.

Harris, Powers & Cunningham has represented accident victims in Arizona since 1981. Our attorneys are ready to evaluate your spleen injury case and recommend a course of action to seek proper compensation for you.

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