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Paralysis / Quadraplegia

One of the most common types of personal injuries is paralysis — an injury that results in the loss of the ability to control part of the body. This type of injury is life-changing. The most common cause of paralysis is an injury to the spinal cord or brain, often caused in a car accident. Depending on the extent of spinal cord or nervous system damage, some movement or feeling may emerge in the future.

What is important to realize is that these types of paralysis injuries are catastrophic and force a victim to completely alter a personal or professional life. If you or someone close has suffered paralysis, it is important that you can care for yourself long term.

Having recovered millions for clients in personal injury cases, we are prepared to help you do precisely that.

A Team of Lawyers on Your Side

Our team will do everything possible to help you obtain maximum possible accident compensation for injuries, lost wages and other damages if you have suffered a paralyzing injury. We will work directly with you to understand your injury and goals and take our results-driven approach to advocacy to do everything to recover what you deserve. We encourage you to reach out and schedule a free initial consultation.

The attorneys at Harris Powers & Cunningham can accommodate even the most serious personal injury needs, such as paraplegia, with effective legal action. To talk with our lawyers about your situation, please call our Phoenix, Arizona law firm at 602-910-6779.