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Have You Been Injured By Prescription Medications? We Can Help.

While most medications are safe and effective for their intended uses, many others have resulted in injuries or death. Our medication injury lawyers can handle cases of injury and wrongful death in Arizona related to the use of prescription drugs.

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Who Is Responsible For Medication Injuries?

It is no secret that some drug manufacturers will attempt to classify certain drugs in a manner designed to lessen scrutiny by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) ― all in an effort to gain approval without costly and time-consuming research and clinical trials. However, just because the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approves a drug does not guarantee its safety, nor will its approval shield a manufacturer from possible liability if the drug is dangerous.

In fact, before selling pharmaceuticals, drug manufacturers must first try to understand the drug’s dangers and potential side effects. They must also ensure that the public is informed of the possible risks. For over-the-counter medications, this is done by proper labeling and informational enclosures. For prescription drugs, the manufacturer generally has a duty to warn only the physician/health care provider, not the consumer. The physician understands that most patients ordinarily rely on the doctor’s judgment and advice.

When prescribing a drug, it is incumbent upon the doctor/health care provider to disclose to the patient the possible risks attached to such usage. Failure to adequately advise a patient of all associated risks so that the person may give informed consent may result in a claim for medical malpractice. Drug manufacturers and prescribing physicians hold positions of trust, and should expect that if their actions or inactions cause damage, they will be held responsible.

However, whether your medication injury is the result of a manufacturer’s negligence or improper care by your physician, you need a dedicated law firm by your side ― you need Harris, Powers & Cunningham.

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