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The negligence or failure of a hospital or other medical facility can have injurious or fatal results. At HPC, our Phoenix hospital injury lawyers handle all types of cases related to medical negligence, including the failure to diagnose diseases, hospital medication errors, emergency room and surgical errors, negligent testing, inappropriate specialist referrals, birth-related injuries and improper standard of care generally. For immediate help from one of our hospital injury attorneys contact us online or call 602-910-6779 .

Hospital Negligence Lawyers in Phoenix

Serious injury or death may result from a hospital or emergency room’s failure to diagnose diseases, such as cancer or meningitis, or the failure to make an appropriate medical specialist referral. Medical care professionals at hospitals handle most births and deliveries properly, but medical negligence can occur in that context as well. When patients are sent home from the emergency room with inadequate treatment, the consequences can be grave.

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At HPC, our hospital accident lawyers in Phoenix can help you decide whether or not a provider acted outside the reasonable scope of practice and provided negligent care. Our experience with medical malpractice cases over the years allows us to analyze hospital malpractice claims of all types. As the result of our analysis, our lawyers can aggressively and effectively pursue compensation on behalf of our clients.

If you or a family member may have been the victim of a hospital’s negligence in Arizona, contact our Phoenix hospital injury attorneys as soon as possible email us or call 602-910-6779.