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Recognizing the signs of a reckless driver

On Behalf of | Jul 7, 2020 | Car Accidents

A person can only do so much to protect themselves and their passengers while driving. Defensive driving is an excellent method of avoiding accidents, but what else can a driver do? If drivers can actively spot reckless or negligent drivers, they can increase their chances of avoiding a car accident.

Reckless driving has been on the rise in recent months, making now more crucial than ever to be able to spot reckless driving before it causes an accident. Here are some common signs of reckless drivers:

Irregular speeds

If a driver is distracted by their phone or a passenger, they may not pay attention to how fast they are going. If a reckless driver loses focus on their speed, it can cause them to either slow down or speed up to dangerous levels. Distractions can become even more hazardous when drivers notice the mistake and overcorrect their actions by either slamming on the brakes or speeding to keep up with traffic.


Distractions can also cause a driver to drift outside of their lane. This can take them off the road entirely or into another lane with vehicles. Overcorrections here can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicle and swerve into other lanes at high speeds.

Looking away from the road

If drivers are looking down frequently or for long periods, they are likely looking at their phones. This behavior is also evident at night when the light from the phone is shining on their face. Cell phones can make a driver just as deadly as a drunk driver, so be sure you are not near these dangerous individuals.

Do not take chances

If you are uncertain if another driver is driving safely, play it safe and avoid them. By cautiously distancing yourself from these drivers, you can keep yourself and your passengers from suffering in a significant car accident.