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Hospital negligence can be complicated to trace

On Behalf of | Apr 23, 2015 | Hospital Negligence

Typically, patients receive very good care in hospitals. But occasionally a patient is harmed while receiving treatment. When this happens, it is important to find out if the injury was due to the hospital’s negligence.

But even the most common place-place procedures can have many aspects and involve several medical professionals. This means that should a patient suffer an injury during a hospital stay, it may be complicated to determine the cause.

For example, take a situation where a patient is harmed due to a medication error. Determining who may have made the mistake would involve looking at all of the parties involved in getting the medication to the patient.

The line of responsibility may start with the doctor who initially prescribed the medication. Did the doctor apply a proper standard of care in making sure the medication was appropriate for the patient?

After the doctor, questions could be asked of the nursing staff who administered the medication. Was the patient given the correct medication in the proper dose at the right time? Was the patient monitored for ill-effects after taking the medication?

Even the hospital’s pharmacy staff may require scrutiny. Did the pharmacist issue the correct medication? Was the medication past its expiration date? Had the FDA or the pharmaceutical company issued any warnings about the medication being defective?

So as you can see, it can difficult to trace the cause of something as seemingly straightforward as a medication error. Hospitals are typically responsible for their own employees, such as nurses and pharmacists. On the other hand, a doctor working in a hospital may or may not be on the hospital’s payroll.

In order to file a claim or lawsuit, you need to know who bears responsibility for a medical injury. The attorneys at Harris, Powers & Cunningham can analyze your case and may be able to offer helpful advice on your legal options. You can learn more about our services on our hospital injuries page.