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How To Stay Safe During The World Series Games

On Behalf of | Oct 27, 2023 | Car Accidents

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The 2023 World Series kicks off this weekend between the Texas Rangers and Arizona Diamondbacks. While the first game is down in Texas, game three is coming to downtown Phoenix on Monday, October 30th. As we wish our hometown team luck, we also want residents and visitors to understand the dangers that could increase. Traffic accidents, slip and fall accidents, or other injuries may increase following a baseball game.  With the influx of fans to downtown to attend the game and those fans who are watching at a bar or friend’s house, more drivers will be on the road.

How can you stay safe?

Plan ahead. If you are not lucky enough to attend the World Series in person, consider staying off the roads during the game(s). Here is the schedule for the 2023 World Series:

Game 1 – October 27th: at Rangers (Arlington, TX)
Game 2 – October 28th: at Rangers (Arlington, TX)
Game 3 – October 30th: home at Diamondbacks (Phoenix, AZ)
Game 4 – October 31st: home at Diamondbacks (Phoenix, AZ)
Game 5 – November 1st: home at Diamondbacks (Phoenix, AZ)
Game 6 – November 3rd: at Rangers (Arlington, TX)
Game 7 – November 4th: at Rangers (Arlington, TX)

If you are attending a game, we encourage you to use public transportation, ride-share service, limo, or stay downtown at a hotel. If you decide to drive to a game, a party, or a bar; have a designated driver and wear your seatbelt. Don’t drive distracted with your phone. Don’t drink and drive.

Seek Help After an Accident

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We hope you enjoy the World Series. Go Diamondbacks!