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Nurses must be prepared to handle critical responsibilities

On Behalf of | Mar 20, 2015 | Hospital Negligence

A good business takes its staffing decisions seriously. Without competent, well-trained employees, a company will not likely remain competitive for long. But what if a company is in the business of treating the sick and saving lives? Such high stakes demand that employees be prepared to take on all the challenges of their jobs.

More than most establishments, hospitals need to be very careful when bringing on new staff members. For example, nurses should have certification that confirms they have been trained to handle their very important responsibilities.

Nurses are often charged with monitoring patients. They should be able to quickly spot if a patient is showing signs of duress or is experiencing life-threatening symptoms. They must be prepared to respond immediately when a patient is in trouble. A delay in medical assistance can place a patient in grave danger.

Nurses may also be tasked with issuing medication to patients. They must carefully administer the correct medications, in the correct dosage at the appropriate times; a medication error could seriously injure a patient.

Being a nurse is not an easy job. This is why hospitals have a duty to exercise due diligence when screening applicants for nursing positions. Ultimately, it is the hospital that is accountable if a nurse makes an error which causes harm to a patient.

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