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Patients should be told of side effects before using medication

On Behalf of | Jan 7, 2015 | Medication Errors

We live in an age of medical miracles. Due to advances in medicine, there are more drugs that can help treat illnesses and conditions than ever before. On the whole this is a very good thing as drugs developed in the labs of pharmaceutical companies have helped alleviate a great deal of human suffering.

However, as you are likely aware, there are some drugs that can produce side effects. This is not unusual and the potential for experiencing side effects should not necessarily preclude you from taking a drug. But prior to using a prescription medication, you should be well-informed of any potential dangers.

Before a drug is on the market, it should be thoroughly tested to ensure that it is safe for consumption. Once a company does start making a medication available for consumer use, then they must also provide a full list of all potential side effects.

If a doctor prescribes a drug, he or she needs to go into detail about what effects are possible. The doctor should also give very clear instructions regarding the dosage. This would include how much of the drug you should take, how often and at what time of day. A dosage mistake could increase a patient’s likelihood of experiencing dangerous side effects.

In some cases side effects are a necessary trade-off in combating a condition or illness. But the risks should not outweigh the benefits.

Both pharmaceutical companies and doctors have a responsibility to inform patients about the potential risks of using a prescribed medication. If you, or a member of your family, ever experience a harmful reaction to a prescription drug, you may wish to contact an attorney who can examine the situation.

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