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Lack of communication reason for hospital negligence?

On Behalf of | Mar 7, 2014 | Hospital Negligence

Residents of Phoenix, Arizona, expect a certain standard of care when being treated in a hospital or medical setting. Not only do patients expect doctors and staff to act in their best interests, they also assume medical staff is communicating about issues in a timely, comprehensive manner. For one couple in another state, however, failures in staff communications led to hospital negligence and long-term consequences.

The couple filed a lawsuit in the case in 2012. The lawsuit is based on a trip the couple made to an emergency room in September 2011. According to reports, the husband had recently had back surgery and was recuperating. He began to experience pain, which is why the couple sought ER assistance.

Doctors made a decision to monitor the man overnight. According to the couple, the man’s condition deteriorated, but nurses did not provide doctors with information about changes in his condition. The man’s doctor discovered his condition the next morning.

According to reports, the man’s condition required an emergency surgery. The surgery was conducted to relieve pressure on the man’s nerves caused by a large hematoma. The couple contends that the delay in surgery caused incontinence and impotence. The man, who was formerly active, now stays around his home due to the medical issues.

A jury awarded the couple a total of $7.5 million regarding the case. The wife was awarded $2.5 million for loss of consortium. The man was awarded $5 million. Reports are that the hospital is currently considering appeal options.

When medical treatment may be at fault for ongoing illness or injury, victims have a right to seek compensation from negligent parties. Understanding the legal ramifications of any claim is important to ensuring the best outcome of a case.

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