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Prescription And Medication Errors

Most nursing home residents enter a facility with prescriptions for many different issues prescribed from multiple physicians. The fact is, many senior citizens have vision problems and cannot check their own prescriptions. Others do not want to complain and will take the drugs they are given.

It is important to realize that federal and state laws mandate detailed and specific record keeping regarding the on-time distribution of medication to patients given at the correct intervals.

Because of the number of doses, documentation requirements and administrative procedures, medication errors are all too common. When there is a medication error, the results can be injurious or in a worst-case scenario, deadly. If a loved one has been injured in a nursing home due to what you believe was prescription or medication error, it is important to inform yourself of your rights and obtain accountability. A skilled legal team is an ideal asset in this pursuit.

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Our attorneys have more than 30 years of combined experience helping people who have been injured in nursing homes. If your loved one has been injured due to a medication error in a nursing home or long-term care facility due to a medication error, we are here for you.

Some of the most common drug errors in nursing homes include:

  • Dispensing the wrong medication
  • Dispensing the wrong dose of a medication
  • Crushing pills that are designed to be swallowed whole
  • Excessive use of drugs to make residents more docile
  • Dispensing dangerous drug combinations

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