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What all drivers need to know about large truck blind spots

On Behalf of | May 8, 2024 | Car Accidents

Illustration of Semi-trailer Blind Spot Areas

Most drivers on the road acknowledge that large trucks can cause serious damage and that they should give them plenty of space. Even so, you might find yourself forgetting that large trucks also have significant blind spots due to their size.

Blind spots, those areas around a vehicle where the driver’s view is obstructed, present challenges for safe driving. Awareness of other drivers’ blind spots is an important skill to maintain when you are behind the wheel.

For large trucks, these blind spots are particularly pronounced because of their size and design. For those sharing the road with large trucks, understanding the locations and implications of these blind spots can significantly increase safety.

You are in a blind spot when passing a large truck

When passing a large truck, especially one that is pulling a long trailer, you will enter a zone in which the truck driver will be unable to see you. This zone encompasses areas where the truck driver’s visibility is limited or nonexistent. When a smaller vehicle finds itself in a truck’s blind spot, the potential for an accident escalates dramatically.

If circumstances demand that the truck merges into your lane while you are in this blind spot, it may collide with you before the driver realizes you are there. It is important to make sure you have the clearance to make a full and timely pass before beginning the maneuver.

You are in a blind spot when directly in front of a large truck

The area immediately in front of a large truck is often invisible to the driver due to the truck’s own height. Pedestrians, bicyclists and even some small vehicles will go unseen while in this blind spot. It is a good habit to keep a safe distance between the front of a truck and yourself to ensure that the truck driver is aware of you.

The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety reports 4,014 deaths in large truck crashes for the year 2020. It is possible to attribute a sizeable number of these fatalities to poor judgment around blind spots, making it apparent that caution is always crucial.

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