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Rising road fatalities in region have leaders concerned

On Behalf of | Apr 7, 2022 | Car Accidents

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More than 230 people died in traffic crashes in the Phoenix area in 2021. That number represents an approximate 25% increase from the previous year. This development has some local governments – including leaders in Phoenix – scrambling how to get people to drive more safely and reduce road fatalities.

Will Vision Zero Help?

Of those unofficial fatality numbers, close to 100 victims were pedestrians, marking a 40% increase in those types of deaths compared with last year.

Because of such startling developments, Phoenix leaders once again will consider implementing a citywide safety campaign known as Vision Zero. The program – currently in place in Tempe – is aimed at eliminating the number of crashes that lead to fatal and serious injuries. The Vision Zero Program is a comprehensive road safety plan. The program’s goal is to create a network of cities to adopt this plan and work towards improving road safety in their respective cities. Vision Zero will benefit cities by increasing the amount of federal grants the city receives, also improving road safety. Phoenix City Council completed the community engagement stage of the plan which encourages citizens to provide their input via survey. In March 2021, Phoenix City Council approved funding for the development of Vision Zero and projects completion by late 2022.

Through Vision Zero, Tempe leaders have put in place road safety policies which include reducing speeds in school zones and adding more traffic lanes to problematic intersections. But such actions may only address some of the problems fueled by reckless drivers in the past two years.

Will Drivers Wake Up?

We hope that programs such as Vision Zero help drivers in Phoenix and the rest of the country wake up to focus on the importance of safety behind the wheel. Too many times, the aftermath of a road crash leads to families dealing with tragedies and victims sustaining life-changing injuries.

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