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Two Arizona highways rank among the most dangerous in the US

On Behalf of | Aug 30, 2021 | Car Accidents

If you are a long-time Arizona resident, you may know which roads are the most dangerous to drive.

If you are new to the state, you may not be aware that two highways, in particular, are among the most hazardous in the country for motorists.

Ranked as Number 4

A report issued by Teletrac Navman shows that the route between Phoenix and Flagstaff on Interstate 17 is the fourth most dangerous in the U.S. Researchers looked at traffic fatalities between 2016 and 2019 divided by the length of the highway. The results for those four years represented “deaths per mile of roadway.” I-17 had .707 deaths per mile according to the report.

Ranked as Number 9

Teletrac Navman used data from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in its report. Interstate 19 between Nogales and Tucson came in at Number 9 on the list of the most dangerous roads in the U.S. The deaths per mile were calculated to be .623.

A look at injuries

A motorist who survives a crash on one of these highways may sustain injuries that amount to more than just cuts or scrapes. For example, falls and motor vehicle crashes are the primary causes of traumatic brain injury. While recovery from a mild concussion may only take a few weeks, a more severe TBI can result in some level of memory loss and the possible need for lifelong care.

Right to compensation

If you travel on either Interstate 17 or 19, you hope to arrive at your destination without incident. However, if you should become the victim of a vehicle crash, remember that you have the right to file a claim for compensation to cover your medical expenses and more.