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Self-Representation in Medical Malpractice Cases

On Behalf of | Mar 5, 2021 | Medical Malpractice

You believe you received negligent care from a doctor or health care provider, now what? Can you bring a claim for medical malpractice without an attorney?

Filing a Medical Malpractice Claim

Medical malpractice cases are hard fought, complex, and very expensive. Healthcare providers pay thousands of dollars in malpractice insurance premiums every year. In exchange, insurance companies retain aggressive defense attorneys, to fight malpractice claims filed against the health care providers. Unless you have an experienced attorney to represent you, chances are you will not receive compensation for your injuries.

Malpractice Lawsuits are Expensive

To win a medical malpractice case in Arizona it must be proved:

1. The medical provider owed you a duty of care
2. The medical provider breached the duty of care
3. The breach injured you.

The duty of care” owed to patients is known as the “standard of care.” In Arizona to establish the “standard of care,” testimony from another medical provider in the same specialty as the doctor or medical provider you are suing is required. In other words, you need “expert witnesses,” to bring a medical malpractice case. Expert witnesses cost thousands of dollars, however if you are represented by an attorney, the cost of experts may be advanced by your attorney.

In medical malpractice cases attorneys typically represent their clients by contingency fee. This means the client does not have to pay attorney’s fees up front. Rather, if the case settles or receives a favorable verdict, the attorney’s fees will be deducted from the sum recovered. If the case does not settle or does not receive a favorable verdict, the client generally will not be responsible for attorney’s fees.

If you believe you are a loved one has suffered negligent medical care, an Arizona attorney may be able to help you get compensation.

Self representation in medical malpractice cases

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