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Truck inspections are important to drivers’ safety

On Behalf of | Jul 13, 2017 | Car Accidents

As a motorist, it can be daunting sharing highways with large commercial vehicles. If you’re driving a car, you are likely to sustain major damage and potentially devastating injuries in an accident with a large truck.

Truck inspections play an important role in keeping truckers and the general public safe.

The Arizona Department of Public Safety (DPS) and the United States Department of Transportation recently took part in International Roadcheck. The annual event aims to educate truckers and the general public about safe vehicle operation.


Arizona officials inspected 733 commercial vehicles during the event, which ended in June. The findings included:

  • 1,514 violations
  • 130 trucks taken out of service
  • 95 drivers failed inspections

In addition to these numbers, the DOT reports there are more than 500,000 commercial vehicle accidents per year.

Safety is the goal

The inspections are meant to keep everyone safe on the roads. Authorities aim to help all motorists by ensuring that truckers are following the rules and their equipment is functioning properly.

Even with inspections, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported 752 truck driver deaths in 2015. That number doesn’t include the many deaths from other motorists in accidents.

There will never be a perfect system for preventing accidents on the road, but taking the proper precautions and learning about road safety are some of the best ways for all motorists to stay safe.