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How “tort reform” will limit your rights

On Behalf of | Mar 9, 2017 | Medical Malpractice

Bills pending in the US Congress, if passed, will severely limit individual’s rights to recover damages for injuries caused by medical professionals. Advocates of stripping citizens of their Constitutional rights, the so-called “tort reformers” falsely claim that doing so will reduce costs and improve healthcare for Americans. To the contrary, these myths have been repeatedly debunked in study after study.

The bills pending now would:

  • Limit compensation for injuries caused by doctors, hospitals, nursing homes and medical devices to $250,000, regardless of the extent of the injuries caused and the impact on the person’s life and family.
  • Class action lawsuits would be eliminated
  • All cases would be forced to federal, not state courts
  • Insurance companies for health care providers could make payments rather than paying full compensation

Patient safety and the future

The finding that tort reform measures may actually slow down the progress of patient safety initiatives is troubling. An article in Forbes reports that many specialties “have felt less pressure to undertake self-reflective reforms” to improve patient safety and address risks for medical errors in recent years due to the success of tort reforms. In other words, without accountability, your health care is less safe.

It is important to protect your constitutional rights. Please tell your representatives to protect your rights and vote NO on the “tort reform” legislation.

You can complete a form at: and an email opposing these bills will be generated to your representatives on your behalf.