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Before you head to the mountains, read this post

On Behalf of | Nov 18, 2015 | Car Accidents

The ski season is going to start before we know it. People are going to start flocking to ski resorts in earnest after the Thanksgiving holiday. While winter driving safety tips don’t apply for our readers in the Valley, they are important for those who love going to the mountains to enjoy what winter offers.

With that, this post will highlight a few tips to keep people safe on the road.

Keep your tires in good condition – It is prudent to keep tires in good condition and replace them quickly if they falter. After all, the tread on tires is important in repelling water and snow so that a tire can maintain traction and contact with the road. So if you have time to conduct the Lincoln head penny test, it could help you keep your tires in good condition.

Be mindful of black ice – With the winter driving season beginning, it is easy for people who live primarily in the desert to forget about black ice. As the season changes, it is important to remember how black ice can affect your ability to stay on the road.

Wear your seatbelt – Wearing one’s seatbelt is the law in the state of Arizona, but unfortunately not everyone follows the law. However, seatbelts can be the most important thing to save your life in the event of a crash.

While following these tips may help you avoid an accident, the reality is that other drivers may cause the crash you are involved in. If you have been in a crash and need to know your rights and options, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.