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The role schools can play in promoting safe driving practices

On Behalf of | Oct 16, 2015 | Car Accidents

For many high school aged kids, getting their driver’s license is arguably the greatest moment of their lives. It means that the door to a new world of freedom has been opened, and opportunities to make friends and have new experiences can be realized.

During such an exciting time, however, safety considerations must be made. This is especially true given that the leading cause of death among young people is auto accidents. Many people look to parents as the primary influences on young drivers. However, parents are not the only people who can help teen drivers understand the responsibilities they have while behind the wheel. In fact, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration suggests that teachers and school administrators can play active roles in promoting safe driving strategies.

This post will highlight a few ways in which this can be done. 

Establish a pledge drive – A rally to get students to sign a promise that they will practice safe driving can generate a sense of community around a lifestyle change. If teens know that their friends are practicing safe driving habits (such as not texting while driving), chances are that they will follow suit.

Spread the word – Just like any other advertising campaign, prominently posted messages about the benefits of safe driving practices can be helpful in reinforcing messages that teen drivers need to hear.

Get parents involved – As we alluded to earlier, parents can be a huge influence on how teens conduct themselves behind the wheel. So making sure that parents know about the messages being conveyed and asking them to be involved can help in completing the cycle of information needed to inform teens.