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Could your own negligence harm your car accident claim?

On Behalf of | Oct 28, 2015 | Car Accidents

While heavy traffic during rush hour on weekdays is expected, such traffic can be utterly frustrating during the weekend. However, a serious car accident can lead to highways being limited to one lane or shut down completely as first responders help those who are injured.

Such was the case this weekend as a one car rollover accident shut down Interstate 17 at New River road. Authorities had closed the southbound lanes of the highway to allow medical helicopters to land and airlift an injured person to a local hospital. 

While details of the crash are still being investigated, it was reported that a vehicle had rolled over around 5:00 p.m. local time. The driver had apparently been ejected from his vehicle. He was listed in critical condition but they were not specifically disclosed.

Despite the lack of details about the crash, it exemplifies the importance for drivers to use reasonable care while behind the wheel. This includes minding speed limits on particular streets, limiting distractions from cell phones and other mobile devices while driving, and not driving while under the influence of alcohol and other mood altering drugs. Reasonable care also extends to wearing seatbelts that can keep them safe in the event of a rollover crash. It is well known that a person’s chances of surviving an accident increase dramatically when wearing a seatbelt.

This is also important because it would be unfortunate for a recovery to be marred by negligence on the part on an injured person. If you have questions about comparative negligence and how it may affect your claim, an experienced personal injury attorney can help.