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Why going to the hospital after a crash is important

On Behalf of | Sep 11, 2015 | Car Accidents

With Labor Day weekend in the rear view mirror, most people in the Phoenix metro area are going back to work and taking kids to school. However, there are some people who are recovering in hospitals or at home because of car accidents. For those who are seriously injured, it is obvious that going to the hospital is a must, but for those who feel like they are okay, they may not take advantage of medical care.

This may ultimately be a mistake. This post will explain why.

You may not know that you’re injured – You may not feel like you have been hurt in the moments after a crash. After all, you may have an adrenaline rush based on the shock that comes from being in an accident, and you may not be sore or feel any pain until the next day. Having an immediate conversation with a qualified physician can help in detailing your injuries and recommending treatments.

A doctor’s notes enhances your credibility – There are some who believe that soft tissue injuries are simply ailments made up in a person’s mind. While a person injured in a crash may be a hypochondriac, it does not mean that their injuries are not valid. To that end, consulting with a doctor can enhance your credibility should your injuries be challenged.

If you haven’t seen a doctor after a car accident, it does not mean that you have forfeited your opportunity to seek money damages for your injuries. To learn more, contact an experienced personal injury attorney.