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Survey results reveal mortality rates in nursing homes

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2015 | Hospital Negligence

A study conducted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and the Vanderbilt University Medical Center, yielded results indicating there may be a need for better coordination between hospitals and nursing homes regarding the care of older patients. The study looked at cases of Medicare patients who received treatment for such emergencies as broken bones and strokes.


The study showed that within one year of discharge, patients who went to skilled nursing facilities experienced a higher rate of mortality than those who were sent home. According to one of the survey’s authors, it is the quality, rather than the quantity, of care that has a positive effect on the survival rate of patients. The patients that fared better at the one-year plateau were those who received specialized care.

What these results of this survey may demonstrate is that careful consideration should be given when choosing care for older patients who are being discharged after emergency treatment. This period of transition can be extremely critical.

A hospital must clearly communicate the needs of a transferring patient to the nursing home. If a skilled nursing home facility accepts a patient, that facility must be prepared to offer the patient an acceptable standard of care. A nursing home may be held liable if a patient is harmed or dies due to inadequate care, negligence or neglect.

If one of your older loved ones is ever harmed or dies due to receiving poor care due to hospital negligence or a nursing home error, you may want to contact and Arizona medical malpractice attorney. The attorney can investigate the situation and help you better determine how the incident occurred and what sort of legal remedies may be pursued.

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