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Rush to fill prescriptions can lead to medication errors

On Behalf of | May 15, 2015 | Medication Errors

We live in a get-it-done-now world. People are very busy and want to have their needs met as quickly as possible. And while some businesses, such as fast food restaurants, may lend themselves well to the quick service model, others may not.

Take, for example, pharmacies that offer guarantees of fast service. Some of these establishments promise to fill one to three prescriptions in 15 minutes. But since people typically don’t like waiting, what is wrong with pharmacies promising timely prescription fulfillment?

According to a survey of 700 pharmacists, the effort on behalf of pharmacies to speed up service has increased the risk of medication errors. Nearly two-thirds of the surveyed pharmacists stated that the pharmacies they worked for had some sort of time guarantees. According to many of the pharmacists, some pharmacies issue disciplinary actions against employees who fail to meet time guarantees.The majority of pharmacists surveyed indicated a belief that the guarantees contributed to dispensing errors. Forty-four percent of the pharmacists who were required to meet time guarantees actually reported being involved in such errors. Pharmacies are likely establishing time guarantee policies to gain advantage over the competition. This strategy may pay off in the short run by attracting more customers who are in a hurry. But in the long run, many people may end up suffering dire consequences due to receiving the wrong medication or dosage.Correct allocation of medicine is too important to rush the process of filling a prescription. It is the responsibility of pharmacies and their employees to make sure that work is done in a manner that minimizes the risks of medications errors.

If you or someone you love is injured due to the negligence of a pharmacist or pharmacy, you may wish to contact an Arizona medication injury attorney. The attorney may be able to trace the problem to its source in an effort to help you secure compensation.