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Lawsuit filed against Bruce Jenner for a February accident

On Behalf of | May 6, 2015 | Wrongful Death

As some Arizona residents who follow celebrity news may know, a lawsuit has been filed over Bruce Jenner’s involvement in a four-vehicle February crash that killed another motorist. The suit claims that the reality TV star’s negligence was the cause of a 69-year-old woman’s death.

The accident happened on February 7. According to reports, 65-year-old Jenner was behind the wheel of an SUV hauling a trailer when other vehicles ahead of the him slowed as they approached a traffic signal. Jenner reportedly hit a sedan that preceded his SUV. The sedan then struck a third car in front of it, causing it to move into opposing traffic. A fourth vehicle, traveling the opposite way, struck the vehicle head-on.

The woman driving the third vehicle was killed in the crash. Jenner was said to have cooperated with authorities and tested negative for impaired driving. Authorities obtained videos from an MTA bus and from a gas station, reviewing the film for more details. The videos showed Jenner was not talking or texting on his cellphone when the accident occurred. No charges were filed after the accident.

The wrongful death suit, filed in Los Angeles by two relatives of the woman killed in the crash, said the former athlete was negligent. The stepchildren said the accident caused them significant damages, and they are suing for an undisclosed sum.

When a negligent driver, as stated in this lawsuit, causes the death of another individual, the family may suffer damages due to funeral expenses and loss of income the decedent may have provided. Consulting an attorney may help the family determine if a wrongful death suit may be a viable option to recover such loss. The attorney may review the accident and, if appropriate, file the lawsuit in civil court.

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