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A brain injury can leave a person struggling with memory issues

On Behalf of | May 29, 2015 | Brain Injuries

At some point, you may have had the aggravating experience of not being able to remember something. It may have been a person’s name, a phone number or some bit of trivia about your favorite movie. But while having the occasional bout of forgetfulness may be frustrating, it is typically not a matter of great concern.

But imagine if you were routinely unable to remember the important details of your life. What if you were so forgetful that you had serious difficulties performing basic daily functions? Such memory issues could make it impossible for you to hold a job or live on your own. It could even be a struggle to simply communicate with other people because you would have trouble summoning the appropriate words.

This hypothetical situation is a reality for some of those who have suffered traumatic brain injuries. TBI can be caused in different ways and is typically the result of a sharp hit to the head. Head injuries can result from such things as car accidents, falling objects and falls. And TBI can also result from surgical errors.

Those who suffer from TBI could have their lives permanently altered. They may require long-term care and special accommodations. Such care and accommodations can be extremely expensive. Therefore, it is very important that accident victims who suffer brain injuries have the money to cover their expenses.

If you or a family member is suffering the ill-effects of TBI, the law firm of Harris, Powers & Cunningham may be able to help you pursue compensation. For more information, you can read our Web page that details how we approach traumatic brain injury cases.