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Risky driving behavior of teenage drivers

On Behalf of | Apr 1, 2015 | Car Accidents

Recent studies show that Arizona teenagers can be made aware of the risks posed by distracted driving. A study by Oregon State University shows that 40 percent of teens polled text while driving, which is a decrease from previous studies. Overall, however, a considerable number of young drivers have admitted to multitasking while behind the wheel.

While education has helped with reducing the number of teenage drivers who text while driving, industry experts believe that teens need to be educated about the dangers. In fact, most car accidents are caused by distracted driving. The list of distractions for teen drivers goes well beyond texting, talking on the phone and adjusting the radio or GPS. In the Oregon State survey, teens admitted to putting on makeup and changing contact lenses while driving. Doing homework while driving was also frequently mentioned. Twenty-seven percent of the survey respondents admitted to changing clothes or shoes while driving.

Recent programs in the western United States have focused on teaching teens about the dangers of multitasking while driving. One program that has shown noted results involves classroom activities that show how distractions make completing even the simplest tasks difficult. Parents that model good driving habits are another important part of reducing distracted driving in teens.

Automobile accidents can lead to serious injury and death, and awareness programs aimed at reducing distracted driving may help reduce the number of accidents. These injuries can lead to astronomical medical bills, reduced income and lost wages. A personal injury attorney may be able to help a client recover from the financial toll a serious car accident has had on their client.