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Mild TBI may impact cognitive function

On Behalf of | Apr 30, 2015 | Brain Injuries

Brain trauma often causes serious and life-changing injuries for victims. Those who have been injured in an accident involving a blow to the head may suffer from permanent problems including loss of cognitive ability, physical disabilities and other issues. Phoenix accident victims who suffer a head injury may spend the rest of their lives fighting these problems. Now, a new study shows one reason why brain injuries may be so devastating.

Recent research has revealed that individuals who are suffering from mild Traumatic Brain Injury show changes in the white matter of the brain that can affect verbal memory. A group of scientists studying brain injury established that victims of mTBI, especially those who lose consciousness for any period of time, show structural abnormalities in the brain when measured with a Diffusion Tensor Imaging scan. These changes have now been linked to decreased verbal memory performance.

Soldiers returning from war are often the victims of blast-related TBIs. The traditional methods used to examine these “mild” brain injuries, such as CT scans, may not reveal the full extent of the damage to the brain. However, using DTI methods, doctors may be able to detect brain injuries more effectively. These methods can help doctors understand and proactively treat brain damage that can lead to loss of cognitive function and other disabilities.

Victims who have suffered a traumatic brain injury from any type of accident may benefit from the help of a Phoenix personal injury attorney. With the advice of a lawyer who is experienced in handling brain injury cases, victims may be more likely to recover compensation for their injuries, including payment for their ongoing disabilities and related expenses.