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Long-term effects of brain injuries in Arizona

On Behalf of | Apr 6, 2015 | Brain Injuries

A recent study, done by researchers at Imperial College London, indicates that brain injuries may result in lasting and subsequent damage to the brain. Researchers looked at brain scans of people who had suffered traumatic brain injuries ranging from a month to 46 years after the injury took place, and these scans were compared to scans of individuals who had healthy brains.

It was discovered that those who had suffered brain injuries had brains with similar structures to those of older people with brains appearing around five years older than their actual age. This appears to explain why some people with head injuries develop conditions that are associated with aging, such as dementia.

Along with indicating that individuals with brain injuries may be susceptible to related medical conditions later in life, the results of the study show that brain scans may help identify people who are more likely to develop certain brain conditions. If a scan on an apparently healthy individual showed a brain that appeared older, it may help indicate that this person is more susceptible to neurodegenerative diseases.

A brain injury can have long-term effects on an individual that may not be readily apparent, in addition to the obvious and immediate effects of this type of trauma. When someone suffers a brain injury, it is important to understand what is likely to be involved in caring for this individual, especially when considering the total cost of health care. A lawyer may be able to assist someone in seeking this type of compensation as well as determining an appropriate amount based on the situation.