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Arizona car accidents and what to do

On Behalf of | Apr 24, 2015 | Car Accidents

When people are involved in a car accident, they may be so traumatized that it is difficult for them to think about what to do. It is very important that people take certain steps after an accident in order to protect themselves and to preserve their claim against the negligent driver who caused it.

Insurance companies are in the business to make money, and so they will often attempt to find ways to deny claims or make settlement offers that are insufficient. After an accident, the person should make certain to get the other driver’s information, including their name, insurance policy number and the make and model of their vehicle. If witnesses are available, the person should get their names and contact information along with a brief statement of what they saw.

If people have a camera available, they should also take photos of the accident scene as well as of both the vehicles. People should call the other driver’s insurance company to inform them of the accident, not leaving it up to the other driver to do so. They should also notify their own insurance company as well. Even if a person does not initially believe they were injured, they should still go get checked out by their doctors. Many car accident injuries do not express symptoms for hours or even days after a crash due to the adrenaline released as a result of the collision.

Although a motor vehicle accident can be quite traumatic, keeping a level head and carefully gathering the needed information can make the claims process much easier afterwards. Those who have been injured in such an accident may also want to consult with an attorney to determine what recourse may be available for the recovery of damages.