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Death caused by allegedly intoxicated driver

On Behalf of | Mar 4, 2015 | Wrongful Death

On Feb. 22, a head-on collision between a Ford Mustang and an F-150 pickup truck resulted in the death of one person and injuries to two others in Tucson. The 27-year-old Mustang driver was charged with three felonies including second-degree murder, and, according to authorities, alcohol was a factor that led to the crash.

Investigators who examined the scene reported that the F-150 pickup truck was heading eastbound on Valencia Road at the time that the Mustang driver emerged from a private drive located near Tucson Boulevard. The Mustang driver attempted to travel westbound on Valencia Road, but he was unable to maintain control of his car, which leapt over the median, crashing head-on into the F-150 that was carrying three people.

All three individuals who were riding in the F-150 suffered injuries and were taken to a medical center to receive care. A 61-year-old woman’s injuries were fatal, and she died shortly after her arrival at the hospital. The other two people, a 41-year-old man and a 12-year-old boy, did not have life-threatening injuries.

An individual who has lost a family member to an automobile accident caused by another driver should consider speaking to an attorney. The loss of a family member can be a trying time for the individuals that they leave behind. Seeking damages that cover the cost of a loved one’s medical and funeral expenses as well as the deficit in household income caused by a lack of the deceased’s financial earnings are just a few of the elements that an attorney can help a family obtain.

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