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Impaired driving accidents in Arizona

On Behalf of | Feb 6, 2015 | Car Accidents

Recent statistics continue to suggest that alcohol use can drastically increase a driver’s risk of becoming involved in a car accident. According to the Arizona Department of Transportation’s 2013 statistics, there are 107,348 car accidents a year in Arizona. Of those accidents, 777 of them result in a fatality and 34,047 results in an injury. Alcohol impaired accidents account for about 10 percent of those accidents and 32 percent of the fatalities.

There are certain types of people who are more at risk for car accidents when alcohol is involved. Young people have a higher incidence of car accidents than older people regardless of how much alcohol is consumed. Motorcyclists and those people with previous DWI convictions on their record are also in the higher risk category for alcohol-related accidents.

If a serious injury is caused by a car accident there are many steps that could be taken when seeking compensation. If a driver has been in a collision, they may consider working with a personal injury lawyer who has experience in car accident cases. A lawyer may be able to aid a driver in building a case against the negligent driver who may have caused the accident and might try to help the client receive compensation for their injuries and loss.

Lawyers who work in motor vehicle accidents might gather information to help build a case where it may help with medical expenses and other damages. They may also be able to predict the amount a client might be eligible to claim as lost wages if the injuries were severe enough to keep them from working.

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