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Lawsuit claims woman’s brain injury caused by fall at theme park

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2015 | Brain Injuries

From banging your head on a kitchen cabinet, to experiencing a serious automobile accident, traumatic brain injuries can occur in many different ways. Sometimes we are in situations where we are aware there is an increased likelihood of being hurt. When this is the case, we know to take precautions, such as wearing a helmet.

However, there are environments where we expect only a minimal risk of injury. For example, when we go to an entertainment venue, we should be able to enjoy ourselves without worrying about being seriously injured. Unfortunately, this is not always the case.

Recently, a lawsuit was filed against Dolly Parton Productions Inc. and Herschend Family Entertainment Corp. The suit contains allegations stemming from an accident that is said to have occurred at the Dollywood theme park in Tennessee. It is alleged that a woman’s head-first fall caused her to suffer a brain injury.

The suit states that the woman fell from a ride that was “dangerously slick” due to a mixture of rain and sleet. The suit also claims that adequate safety measures were not in place. According to the suit, the accident caused the woman to suffer disabilities and impairments.

It is so sad to think that a fun day out could end up changing a person’s life in such a tragic way. Brain injuries can cause long-term or even permanent issues. A victim could experience emotional problems, impaired motor skills or damaged communication skills. Their personal prospects and quality of life could be irreparably diminished. Further, they could require expensive treatment and care.

Should you, or a family member, suffer a brain injury that may be attributed to another party’s negligence, contacting an attorney could be the first step in pursuing compensation for damages. An attorney who is familiar with the requirements of treating brain injuries may be able to help you get the funds that are compensatory to your needs.

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