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Texting and driving dangers in Arizona

On Behalf of | Dec 1, 2014 | Car Accidents

Texting or talking on a wireless device while driving is a growing problem that can result in dangerous accidents. Arizona residents may deem it beneficial to learn more about the growing issue in order to prevent possible injuries and even death.

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, distracted driving was a factor in 18 percent of all fatal car accidents in 2010. As a result, 3,092 people were killed and over 400,000 others were wounded, many suffering serious injuries. Younger drivers appear to be more at risk, as 40 percent of teens have admitted to being in a car while a driver used a wireless device to talk or text. Additionally, 11 percent of drivers ages 18 to 20 also admitted that they had been either sending or receiving a text when they were in a car accident.

While there are no national laws banning the use of cellphones or other wireless devices while driving, some state laws have banned their use altogether or required the use hands-free options. In an effort to combat the problem, the FCC is working with safety organizations, industry and government agencies to educate the public about the problem.

Because cellphone use laws differ throughout the U.S., Arizona residents may still find themselves injured after a negligent driver has contributed to a car accident. If it is believed that texting or talking on the phone was the cause of the accident, the negligent party may be held liable in a personal injury suit. An attorney may be able to gather information on behalf of their client in order to determine the validity of a claim.

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