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Work truck kills Arizona pedestrian before crashing

On Behalf of | Nov 6, 2014 | Wrongful Death

On the morning of Oct. 31, a southbound work truck reportedly jumped a curb on Priest Drive and struck a pedestrian at the Elliot Road intersection. The driver then attempted to turn right onto Elliot Road and wound up in the wrong lane facing oncoming traffic. At that point, he crossed the median and three lanes before striking a light pole next to a covered bus stop.

Witnesses of the accident did not immediately realize that the pedestrian had been hit; officials pronounced the woman dead at the scene. The driver sustained unknown injuries, and officials transported him to a local hospital for treatment.

Authorities closed the intersection for the investigation. They are looking for factors that may have contributed to the accident and are reportedly unsure if driver impairment, speed or vehicle malfunction played any role in causing the accident.

The family of the pedestrian could possibly file a wrongful death case against the allegedly at-fault party in the accident. Depending on the cause, this could be the driver, his company or another entity. The family could receive compensation for damages including funeral expenses, loss of income and even loss of companionship.

In cases like this one, the spouse or dependents of the deceased may wish to enlist the assistance of a personal injury attorney. If the exact cause of an accident appears unknown, an attorney may gather all available information, including witness statements and police reports, in order to name potential plaintiffs in a civil lawsuit.

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