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Phoenix-area pedestrian death

On Behalf of | Nov 4, 2014 | Wrongful Death

A work truck apparently went out of control while heading down a local street on Oct. 31, going on a wild and tragic ride before coming to a stop after hitting a light pole. The driver suffered unknown injuries, and one woman was killed at the scene as she stood on a sidewalk. The incident is still under investigation.

It is unknown at this time if the cause of the accident was speed, driver impairment, a problem with the vehicle or some other cause. The small flatbed truck was proceeding down a street when it jumped a curb, striking and killing the woman. It swerved back onto the street and seemed to try to make the right turn. Instead, it crossed the median, corrected and came back across the median, where it crossed all lanes and crashed into a covered bus stop and a light pole next to the stop. No one other than the driver and the pedestrian appear to have been injured.

The aftermath of a fatal accident can be extremely difficult for the family of the victim. In addition to the tragedy of the death, the family may be coping with financial loss in the form of medical and funeral bills as well as lost income to the family if the victim was employed.

Loss of companionship and possibly added expenses to have household duties that may have been performed by the victim performed by someone else can also add to the financial adjustments the family will face. Help and assistance with these losses after a wrongful death may be obtained through working with an attorney who can represent the family’s interests.

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