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Traumatic brain injuries can affect communication skills

On Behalf of | Sep 24, 2014 | Brain Injuries

The ability to engage in conversation is something we may take for granted. After all, most of us have been verbally communicating with others for the better part of our lives. Yet, consider what it would be like to be unable to hold a conversation. Imagine the frustration and the sense of isolation such a condition would instill in a person. Those suffering from traumatic brain injuries often must endure this very plight.

The location and extensiveness of the brain damage can dictate the degree to which a person’s communication skills are impaired. Those living with such brain injuries may find it difficult to summon the right words when expressing themselves through speech. Reading, writing and spelling may pose challenges as well.

According to the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association, those suffering with TBI may have difficulty doing the following:

  • Engaging in a conversation that is fast-paced.
  • Expressing themselves in a suitable vocal tone.
  • Following a conversation’s topic.
  • Engaging properly with the give and take process of a conversation.
  • Reacting to non-verbal cues expressed on another person’s face or in their physical repose.

Sufferers of TBI may also seem to overreact, or they may express very little emotion. They may also be unaware of the degree to which their behavior is considered inappropriate.

Those who are tasked with caring for someone who has suffered a brain injury can face many challenges. There may be expenses for special care and treatment. They may experience frustration when dealing with someone who has difficulty understanding things.

Then there is the profound tragedy of the one who suffers the injury. Someone with such a condition may never again know the simple pleasures of communicating directly with a friend or loved one. They will never be able to achieve the goals they had prior to their injury.

A traumatic brain injury caused by someone else’s negligence can result in overwhelming medical expenses and emotional stresses for those who must care for the victim. If someone you love has suffered such an injury attributable to another party, you will likely require financial recompense. An Arizona medical malpractice attorney may be able to offer you legal assistance.