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Examining the effects of a car accident on traumatic brain injury

On Behalf of | Sep 4, 2014 | Brain Injuries

Phoenix residents may wish to have more information about the seriousness of brain injuries related to car accidents. These injuries may result in severe damage, lengthy recovery and long-term effects.

Car accidents are the second-most frequent cause of traumatic brain injury in the U.S. after falls, comprising 17.3 percent of these injuries. They are the number one cause of deaths related to traumatic brain injury. This is due to the physics involved in a car crash. When vehicles collide, the opposing forces of the vehicles cause them to stop suddenly. However, the occupants of the vehicles continue their forward momentum. Even when a seat belt stops the person’s body, there is potential for serious internal damage to the skeleton and organs, particularly the brain.

Generally, head injury from a car accident is separated into two categories: closed head and open head. A closed head injury means that there is no skull fracture while an open head injury does involve a fractured skull. A concussion is the most frequent type of closed head injury. This is a loss of consciousness that has potential long-term effects, including physical and cognitive issues. These can manifest themselves as headaches, paralysis and other symptoms. A common open head injury is glass or another foreign object piercing a person’s skull and entering the brain. This can require emergency surgery and result in serious brain trauma.

When a car accident that causes a traumatic brain injury is the fault of another driver, that driver may be responsible for any damages that result from the injury. This can include long-term care and therapy to deal with the serious symptoms of brain injury. An attorney may be able to help assess the injury and bring a lawsuit against the liable party.

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