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Man files wrongful death suit over plane crash that killed wife

On Behalf of | Feb 21, 2014 | Wrongful Death

Arizona residents are likely aware that there is more statistical risk associated in driving a car than flying in a plane. However, when people are involved in any process, mistakes can be made. When mistakes or negligence on the part of a person or company lead to a fatal accident of any kind, grieving loved ones are likely to want answers. When those answers point to an at-fault party, many individuals seek compensation for pain, suffering and medical or funeral expenses.

A plane crash in 2012 killed Jenni Rivera, a popular grupero singer. Grupero, which is a Mexican music format, has previously been dominated by mostly male performers. According to reports, the plane carrying Rivera crashed around 15 minutes after takeoff on Dec. 9, 2012. The performer’s makeup artist, hairstylist, attorney and publicist were also killed in the crash.

Families of individuals in the performer’s entourage filed wrongful death suits against both the company managing the plane and Rivera’s company in Jan. 2013. In February, Rivera’s estranged husband also filed a wrongful death suit in Los Angeles Superior Court. According to documents, Rivera filed for divorce from the man two months prior to the plane crash. However the man was still receiving financial support from the singer.

The wrongful death action claims that the copilot and 78-year-old pilot, who both died in the crash, were not properly licensed to carry passengers. According to a civil aviation agency in Mexico, laws were violated in licensing the pilot since his age was beyond the limit. Reports also indicate the jet in question was 43 years old and had flaws that impacted flying.

There are numerous layers of possible liability to this case, ranging from government agencies in another country to the singer’s management company. It’s important to document all damages and name all applicable defendants in such lawsuits. In cases that span states or countries, a wide array of legal knowledge may be required.

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