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Wrongful death suit filed in relation to police shooting

On Behalf of | Jan 8, 2014 | Wrongful Death

When law enforcement answers a call, officers must be prepared for anything. In some cases, dangerous situations result in tragic conclusions. The residents of Maricopa, Arizona, likely feel safer knowing police officers are willing to put it on the line to ensure safety for the general public. In a nearby state, one family has filed a lawsuit related to a police shooting. The wrongful death suit alleges that law enforcement officials didn’t follow proper protocol and were negligent in the death of an individual.

According to the attorney for the plaintiff, who is the 18-year-old daughter of the man who died, the DA report regarding the incident is incorrect. The attorney states the DA identified the man as a gang member and used his past actions as justification for the shooting. The attorney states that the family feels these actions are wrong and cast the dead man in a dehumanizing light. The attorney further states that police should use shooting as a last resort.

According to a police report, the shooting is being classified as a justifiable homicide. The report indicates the man was walking on the street while carrying a large knife. Police state that the man failed to comply with officer instructions and they believed he was under the influence of drugs.

The wrongful death lawsuit filed on behalf of the man’s 18-year-old daughter made several allegations against the police. The suit claimed police used excessive force for the situation. It also claims that police were negligent because they didn’t summon medical assistance in a timely manner for the man.

The daughter’s attorney stated they will bring the case to federal court should the city not respond within the 45-day requirement. According to reports, this is not the first wrongful death police shooting case taken on by the law firm. Families who lose a loved one in any type of circumstance have a right to seek answers for their questions. In cases where someone else’s incorrect actions caused the death, loved ones also have the right to seek compensation.

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