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Parents claim school negligence a cause in son’s brain injury

On Behalf of | Jan 15, 2014 | Brain Injuries

While parents shouldn’t live in paralyzing fear that children will experience serious injuries, families in Maricopa, Arizona, know that such things can occur. Parents, school systems, and recreational sports organizations take many precautions to prevent things like traumatic brain injury. Schools teach safety precautions, coaches ensure players wear protective gear, and parents try to keep kids from risky activity. Sometimes, incidents can occur in seemingly safe places, though.

For one 9-year-old boy, an accident on the playground at school may have life-long consequences. According to a claim filed against an Arizona school, the boy is suffering from brain and head injuries. The claim indicates indefinite therapy and treatment will be required. The boy also sustained a broken wrist in the accident.

The claim is against a local school system and is in the amount of $23 million. According to reports, the claim was filed as a precursor for a law suit. The claim states that the 9-year-old fell from a slide at the elementary school. The accident occurred on Aug. 8, 2013. The boy fell a total of five feet.

According to the claim, the boy’s parents contend that school officials did not take appropriate action following the incident. Instead of seeking immediate medical attention, officials contacted the boys parents, says the parents’ attorney. According to a spokeswoman for the school district, attorneys are reviewing the claim. No other response was provided by the school district.

The basis for a personal injury claim can exist if negligence caused an accident. It can also exist if negligence or inappropriate action caused the injuries sustained in an incident to be more severe due to lack of treatment or delayed treatment.

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