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The Danger of Extremely Drunk Motorists in Arizona


While drunk driving crashes fell in Arizona recently, the number of extremely drunk motorists rose.

According to recent data from an annual report of the Arizona Department of Transportation, drunk driving accidents are down in Arizona. However, it is noted that the number of extremely intoxicated individuals getting behind the wheel is actually on the rise.

In all, the annual report revealed that 5,190 drunk-driving collisions took place on Arizona’s roads in 2013, and that 263 people lost their lives in auto accidents caused by these drunk drivers.

According to Arizona law enforcement, 28,471 people were arrested in Arizona in 2014 for driving under the influence. Police officers in Arizona also noted that the number of extremely intoxicated motorists has risen in recent years.

In Arizona, motorists are considered under the influence if their blood alcohol content is 0.08 percent or above. Enhanced penalties exist for motorists found with a BAC between 0.15 and 0.20 percent – referred to as an “extreme DUI” – and those with a BAC of 0.20 percent or more – known as a “super extreme DUI.”

The number of drunk-driving collisions and total arrests has fallen in Arizona in recent years. However, the number of people arrested for extreme DUI increased in 2014. In total, 8,256 people were arrested on charges of extreme DUI – up from the 8,212 arrests in 2013.

Extremely intoxicated motorists are typically responsible for a disproportionate number of fatal drunk driving crashes. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 50 percent of the drunk drivers who cause fatal collisions have a blood alcohol concentration of 0.15 percent or above.

Motorists who cause drunk driving collisions should be held responsible for the harm caused in a crash resulting from their personal choice to drive while under the influence of alcohol – including both property damage and injuries suffered by those involved. If you or someone you love has been involved in such a collision, you should seek the counsel of a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

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