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St. Vincent de Paul’s Family Relief Fund

The Society of St Vincent De Paul | Family Relief Fund

These are truly unprecedented times, but every day presents a unique opportunity to choose kindness over fear. Wherever you are in your circumstances today, we invite you to make room for kindness. Today, we are choosing to support families impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We are offering a matching gift up to $2,500 for the first donors toward St. Vincent de Paul’s Family Relief Fund. All donations will help provide food boxes, warm meals, and rent/utility bill assistance to help stabilize families.

Donate at to have your gift doubled up to $2,500!

If you’re not able to make a donation today, please remember that we all have gifts to share. Imagine in the coming weeks, a community empowered by kindness-one where we call an elderly neighbor, leave a carton of eggs for the next shopper, share a smile as we pass each other at a distance, or offer a bit of our surplus to someone living with less. Let’s be ALL IN on kindness and ALL IN to support each other.