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Traumatic brain injuries in kids and teens

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) is severe for anyone. However, for kids and teens, who are still developing cognitively and physically, a head injury can be even more devastating.

When a child suffers a brain injury, they may be stuck with a lifetime of treatment or reduced brain function.

How do you know if you have a medical malpractice case?

Determining whether a situation constitutes medical malpractice can be difficult. Sometimes medical procedures don’t work, or the result doesn’t come out as expected. That alone, however, is not enough to constitute medical malpractice. Healthcare professionals are not perfect.

At the same time, doctors and nurses have a duty to take care of patients. Unexpected outcomes in medical care become potential medical malpractice lawsuits when healthcare professionals are negligent.

ASU Alumni Law Group

The ASU Alumni Law Group would like to thank Shawn Cunningham for coming to our offices on Friday. He donated his Friday morning to lead a fantastic workshop focusing on how to take expert depositions to the newly admitted attorneys working for our not-for-profit law firm. We can't thank you enough for the great advice and lively discussion!

Arizona State Bar Convention

As a proud sponsor for ten years or more, HPC is a Century Club Sponsor of the State Bar of Arizona's Annual Convention.  This year's convention will be held in Tucson, Arizona in June.

How "tort reform" will limit your rights

Bills pending in the US Congress, if passed, will severely limit individual's rights to recover damages for injuries caused by medical professionals. Advocates of stripping citizens of their Constitutional rights, the so-called "tort reformers" falsely claim that doing so will reduce costs and improve healthcare for Americans. To the contrary, these myths have been repeatedly debunked in study after study.

Fatal crashes increase across the country. Why?

Who would have thought that an increase in the quality of our economy could potentially lead to more traffic accidents? Advocates for vehicular safety have actually made ties to the stimulated economy and the recent influx of wrecks on the road.

The National Safety Council has estimated that 40,200 people have lost their lives to motor vehicle accidents in just 2016, which is a six percent increase from the previous year. This would make 2016 the first year since 2007 that over 40,000 people have been killed by vehicular accidents in just a singular year.

Distracted Driving - placing people in peril

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 10% of drivers are talking on a cellphone during any given daylight moment. These drivers are distracted both visually and cognitively. Being distracted, these drivers are impaired in their ability to drive safely. These drivers' attention to road safety can be even worse than that of a drunk driver. The call, text or email can wait. We encourage people to be watchful for vehicles with distracted drivers and keep a safe distance from any vehicle where the driver is distracted. We also encourage everyone to volunteer to help end distracted driving. There is a campaign to end distracted driving called EndDD. Anyone can volunteer to help by going to

Arizona Court of Appeals Affirms $4.25M Judgment Against Hospital For Negligence

In Orosco v. MCSHCD, the Arizona Court of Appeals affirmed the jury's $4.25M verdict for permanent injuries a patient suffered when a resident and nurse decided to not tell anyone they lost a two-foot metal guide wire. The wire was lost in the patient, causing the patient to lose his right femoral artery that supplied blood to his leg. The patient also suffered femoral nerve damage and chronic pain. The hospital initially denied doing anything wrong. The patient had to file a lawsuit. During litigation the hospital eventually had to admit negligence. Doing so, the hospital still denied their negligence caused any significant harm. The jury and the Court of Appeals did not agree. It took a jury and the court system to hold the hospital accountable. In a Memorandum Decision, the Court of Appeals stated: "The jury decides the appropriate amount of damages....we are not shocked by the amount of the verdict, nor is the verdict an exaggerated measurement of damages." 

Side guard rails and big rigs: Could they prevent fatal accidents?

Current safety regulations require 18-wheelers and other big trucks to have rear safety guards to prevent automobiles from sliding underneath the back of the trailer. However, there is no regulation forcing truck manufacturers to install side guards that could prevent these horrific accidents.

The National Transportation Safety Board has recommended side guards for 18-wheelers and other commercial vehicles. However, no safety regulation has been implemented by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration or Congress. It is unlikely the trucking industry will take steps on their own to prevent these types of crashes until regulations are implanted and enforced.

What can you do to stay safe on the road?

An accident happens in a matter of seconds. While you cannot be fully prepared for a crash, you can take steps to stay safe on the road. Some general safe driving tips to consider include:

  • Keep your eyes on the road
  • Do not use your cellphone when behind the wheel
  • Do not eat or drink while driving if possible
  • Set your music and heat settings before you start driving
  • Focus on driving and reduce distractions from passengers

It is important to be aware of the blind spots when driving near a big rig - or near any other vehicle. Maintain a safe distance and always use your signals when changing lanes. During bad weather, use extra caution due to reduced visibility and slick roads.

These tips can help you stay safe on the road. However, they may not always prevent a crash. If you or a loved one has been injured or killed in an accident with an 18-wheeler, it is important to talk to a personal injury attorney right away.

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