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Brake Failure In A Truck Accident

Due to the sheer size and weight, semitrucks do not need to be going that fast in order to cause severe damage to any car and passengers that it hits. However, as the speed of the semi increases so does the potential for catastrophe. This is why it is so essential for truck drivers and truck companies to perform regular brake inspections. Without properly functioning brakes, a semitruck is virtually a serious accident waiting to happen.

Truck Brake Malfunction And Improper Maintenance

At Harris Powers & Cunningham, we help individuals and families who have been severely injured in truck accidents due to truck brake failure. Our lawyers fight for rightful settlements to compensate for medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering.

When you work with our law firm, we will investigate all potential causes of the brake failure, including:

  • Failure to perform regular brake inspections
  • Improper brake inspection
  • Truck driver not trained properly to perform brake inspection
  • Failure to stop on interstate pullout for required brake inspection
  • Brakes out of adjustment
  • Failure to replace faulty brakes

With a sole focus on personal injury law, our attorneys know exactly where to look for evidence of brake failure and negligence. Truck drivers are required to keep logbooks of brake inspection, so this is among the first evidence we will fight to secure. We also check into the training of drivers and anyone else at the truck company who was responsible for brake inspections. In addition, we investigate the age of the brakes and the mileage driven with the brake system. When there is negligence, we will find it.

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