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Certain infant behaviors could be indicative of traumatic birth

The birth of a baby is an exciting event in every parent’s life. But the doctor and staff in the delivery room must be prepared to handle any emergencies. This is critical because a birth injury could have a profound impact on an infant’s future health and personal development.

Health officials trying to decrease number of C-sections

When a woman checks into a hospital to deliver her baby, the hope is that there will be no complications. But even if all precautions are taken in advance, there is a chance that things may not go as planned in the delivery room. Careful consideration should be given to how a delivery process is to proceed should the unexpected happen. For example, conditions can arise wherein a doctor may choose to conduct a cesarean section.

Certain circumstances could make forceps delivery an option

An expectant mother can have many worries leading up to the birth of her child. Of paramount concern is the baby’s health. Hopefully, when the time arrives, the infant will be delivered without complications. Modern medical equipment and procedures help to ensure that should an issue arise, both mother and child can receive the treatment they need for an ultimately successful birth.

What is shoulder dystocia?

There are a variety of different problems that could arise during birth, and unfortunately, some of these incidents are related to medical mistakes. One of the most serious emergencies experienced by doctors in Arizona is known as shoulder dystocia. This occurs after the baby's head has emerged from the birth canal during delivery. It is when the infant's shoulder becomes stuck and unable to pass through.

Doctors should work carefully to prevent birth injuries

An ancient Chinese text known as the Tao Te Ching offers the following instructions to midwives: “You are a birth servant. Do good without show or fuss.” Though this quote is thousands of years old, it can hold true for today’s doctors who help women deliver their infants. The goal is the same now as it was then, to see to the safe delivery of a baby. And yet, after all this time, birth injuries can still occur.

The possible causes and effects of hypoxia

Expectant parents can generally feel confident that the delivery of their baby in a hospital or other health care facility will happen without incident. Serious birth injuries can be prevented by the ability of doctors to respond quickly and properly to potential threats.

Why are more doctors failing to warn about environmental risks?

According to the Centers for Disease Control, exposure to toxic substances such as solvents and heavy metals can be harmful to a pregnant mother and her child because they can cause birth defects, developmental complications and even miscarriages. But according to a recent survey, less than 20 percent of obstetricians said they told their pregnant patients about these environmental dangers.

Preeclampsia: the birth injury that women should be warned about

Imagine that you are a new mother. You have just delivered your first child without incident. But only days after being released from the hospital you experience dizziness, excessive nausea and vomiting, your reflexes have slowed and you're suffering from more severe headaches than usual. Would you think this was a normal part of giving birth or would you recognize this as the warning signs of postpartum preeclampsia?

Are water births safe? Experts disagree greatly

Are you an expecting parent-to-be?  If so, have you considered how you want your child to be delivered?  If you’re unsure how to answer either these questions then you’re not alone.  A lot of mothers across the nation, including many here in Arizona, have these same questions as well as the same concerns about which method of delivery is the safest for their specific situation.  In today’s blog post, we wanted to focus specifically on water births and what dangers this form of delivery can bring with it.

New cesarean section guidelines urge patience during delivery

Health care providers in Phoenix, Arizona, and throughout the country are tasked with continuing education requirements as part of continued licensing. Doctors must stay informed about new ideas, innovations and discoveries in their niche. For obstetricians, new guidelines regarding cesarean sections could change the way many approach the delivery room.

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